I am Ranadhira

Yoga has been with me for many years. Before I came to Isha I have tried out a large variety of different yoga styles which have worked in some ways, mostly on my physicality. But never have I found what I was actually longing for: A comprehesive, authentic practice. A practice that supports me on all levels: Mentally, Energetically, Physically and most of all Spiritually!  

After having found Isha and Sadhguru I realized quickly that I had hit a goldmine. What was being offered was something so pure & special, so powerful, that the very way I was able to experience the world around me changed drastically in a short matter of time. I knew all I wanted to do was to go to India and come to the Ashram to be trained as a teacher! This was my calling!  

So I spent 21 rigorous weeks (1750+ hours) getting trained at the Isha Hatha – School of Yoga, in the world famous Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore. It was the most challanging, intense and transformative experience for me. Deeply touched, I left the training with my body being so light and strong, my mind still, my spirit utterly blissful. Isha has changed my life for ever and I feel so blessed to be able to offer these powerful tools of transformation to the world.